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Amatriciana sauce


Cut the guanciale or bacon in thick strips and cook in a pan without any fat (oil or butter) on a very gentle flame. Let most of the fat of the meat melt off, and remove it by straining. Keep ..
Pasta with Broccoli and Sausages

Remove the skin from the sausages and then mince them with a fork in a bowl with a glass of red wine. Add some rosemary and leave the sausage to marinate for an hour. Now strain the sausage from all..
Mother sauce - Tomato sauce

In a pot start with Extra Virgin olive oil covering the bottom and a clove of garlic. Once hot, add the chopped tomatoes and immediately stir them so that you extract the water from them. In this way they can simmer ..
Ravioli with Mushrooms

If you are using champignon mushrooms, peel them, and separate the head from the stem. Chop the stem in 3 sticks. In a pan, add 4 spoons of extra virgin olive oil and some garlic. Heat the oil gentl..