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Saltimbocca alla romana

On each scaloppini add a pinch of salt ( little) , black pepper, the sage leave and on the top the prosciutto slice. With a toothpick fix the meat with the sage and the prosciutto. Put flour on each side. Put the butter in a pan and heat, once the butter is melted put the saltimbocca in the pan and cook first on the side without the ham, once “golden” turn on the other side for 1,2, minutes. Sprinkle with the white wine and cook for 1 and a half minutes more.

• *Ingredients for 4 people:
• -4 veal scaloppine
• -4 slice of prosciutto di Parma
• -4 leaves of sage
• -1 ounce of butter
• -half glass of white wine
• -salt and pepper
• -flour ‘00’

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