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Sea bass ′′al cartoccio′′ alla Puttanesca


Heat the oven at 390 degrees. Cut the baking paper as shown in the video-recipes. With a tablespoon put on the paper some of the puttanesca sauce, the filets and more sauce on the top of the filets. Crack an egg and put the yolk in a cup, with the help of a brush use the yolk as a ''super glue'' all around the edges. Close the baking paper creating a ''bag''. Bake for 8 or 10 minutes according to the size of the fillets. If the ''bag'' is perfectly sealed it will swell up like a ballon.

• Ingredients for 4 people

• Sea bass filets 8
• Puttanesca sauce (see the recipes for the Puttanesca sauce)
• Baking paper to create a “bag” (see the video-recipes)
• eggs

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