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Red peppers and sausages sauce


First marinate the sausages (minced with a fork) in red wine and live for 2 hours.
Roast the peppers and than pill them and clean as demonstrated during the class.
Cut and open the peppers like a butterfly and remove seeds and the white fillet from inside. Cut the pepper in pieces and soute in a pan with oil and garlic. Cook for about 15 minutes, then put the pepper in a cutter and bland until creamy.
Strain the sausages from the marination, and cook them in a pan until ready.
Boil the pasta and finish to cook the pasta in the sauce.
Add the creamy goat cheese ,the pecorino and the minced parsley at the very end.
Serve the pasta in a bowl with the minced (heated) sausages on the top.

• Ingredients for 4 person

• Red peppers 3
• Clove of garlic
• Fresh parsley
• Goat creamy cheese
• Pecorino cheese
• Sausage 2
• Red wine

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