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To fully appreciate your vacation in Rome, you can not miss the opportunity of a cookery lesson given by a true professional chef. Book one or more places, for you, your friends or your entire family or colleagues, in Chef Federico Alessandri’s classes. It is simple and fast!

Look at the calendar on the home page to see all of the days of programming, and also those of the following months. You can also access the booking page, where you will find all of the necessary information regarding your lesson/s. Write and you will receive an answer immediately, or take the phone and call us!

The icon near the event helps you to understand the live motif of the day:

single lesson in the day

double lessons in the day

single special event

double special event

lesson about pasta or pizza

lesson about wine and food

for vegan / vegetarian

lesson about fish / cruditee

lesson about meat

romantic / emotional lesson

special spring lesson

special winter lesson
On other pages, you can read the thoughts, suggestions, recipes, news, and all communication that Chef Federico Alessandri and his staff publish. Keep updated on all the new recipes, tricks of the trade and easy techniques to be a ‘Chef in a Day’. These tips will help you create Italian dishes to perfection.

You will find videos on every page to support your cooking, and they will be uploaded regularly- so keep checking! By watching these videos you will be able to be a part of ‘Chef in a Day’ as often as you like! Learn to replicate what you have learned in class by viewing it comfortably on the couch in your home. When you go out, you can bring these tips in your pocket, and view the steps for recipes whilst cooking and helping your friends in the kitchen. Direct access to practical Italian cooking and style of cuisine through the instruction of Chef Federico Alessandri!

In the ‘Review’ section, after identifying the date of your lesson, you can comment on class itself, find the friendships and photos made during your lesson,(Also YOU can post your photos of the day/evening!) and admire the work that the other participants share from their classes.

Your friends at home will die of envy... but when they taste the recipes that Italian Chef Federico Alessandri taught you to prepare, congratulations will be in order! ( And, they, too will probably book a class!)

You have specific questions? Please, contact Chef Federico Alessandri
You have special requests? Please, contact Chef Federico Alessandri
Do you have a special event to be organized? Please, contact Chef Federico Alessandri

You have only one thing to do: Please, contact Chef Federico Alessandri!
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