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Spaghetti carbonara


Cut the guanciale or bacon in strips and cook them in a pan on a gentle flame. Let the fat melt, then strain (keep the melted fat aside) and keep cooking. Once almost crispy deglaze with the half glass of white wine. Let all of the alcohol evaporate and then strain again (keeping all the liquid in a bowl). Cook until crispy, then put the meat on the side for later use. In a big bowl whisk the egg yolk with the grated cheeses, salt and pepper. Boil the spaghetti in a pot with salted water until almost “ al dente”, (Notice: If 12 minutes is written on the packet, boil the pasta for 10!) then in a pan heat a couple of tablespoons of the fat you'd saved before, and finish to cook the pasta in this pan. (Remember to always save some of the boiling water). Add small amounts of the water if needed-if it's too dry. Once the pasta is done, add the guanciale and soutè with the pasta. Finally, add the pasta to the egg yolk and cheeses in the bowl and whisk until you create a creamy sauce. Enjoy!

• Ingredients for 4 people

• spaghetti -14 ounces
• guanciale ( or bacon )- 5,30 ounces
• egg yolks- jumbo 3
• pecorino cheese -1,7 ounces
• parmigiano cheese 1,7 ounces
• pinch of salt
• crushed black pepper
• white wine- half glass

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