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Amatriciana sauce


Cut the guanciale or bacon in thick strips and cook in a pan without any fat (oil or butter) on a very gentle flame. Let most of the fat of the meat melt off, and remove it by straining. Keep cooking until it's 'almost' crispy. Now add the red wine and let it completely evaporate, strain again but don't throw away the liquid this time (keep it aside in a bowl). Pump up the heat and now make the meat became crispy, then put the guanciale/bacon in another bowl for later use. Boil the pasta in a pot until almost “al dente”. Meanwhile, heat the tomato sauce in the pan that you used before for the meat, don't use any oil or butter, but a couple of spoons of the fat that you melted and saved. Once the pasta is done, finish to cook it in the pan with the sauce. At the very end add the guanciale, just to heat it. Then turn off the burner and add the pecorino cheese and the chilli. Whisk with energy so that the cheese melts into a cream. Now it is ready to serve- enjoy!

• Ingredients for 4 people:

• Dry pasta 14 ounces
• Guanciale ( cheek of the pork similar to bacon ) 5,3 ounces
• Mother sauce/tomato sauce 7 ounces
• Red wine
• Pecorino cheese
• Hot chilli if you like ( I like it ! )

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