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Fettuccine Alfredo

Heat the water in a pot and bring it to131 degrees fahrenheit. Turn off the burner and add the parmigiano cheese and whisk . To melt these aged cheeses ( parmigiano , pecorino ) into a cream, it is very important to not go over the temperature of 131 fahrenheit, otherwise the cheese will coagulate. If the parmigiano is still not completely melted, put the pot in bain- marie for a few seconds (double boiling) and mix constantly. Melt the butter in a pan , while you are boiling your pasta ( for example- fettuccine ). If the fettuccine is fresh , boil it for 2 minutes and then finish to cook until al dente (another couple of minutes) it in the pan with the butter, adding some of the boiling pasta water to continue the cooking process. The fettucine has to be cooked al dente and all the water reduced and creamy. Put the pasta in a bowl and add the melted parmigiano. Stir, and adjust the consistency with more parmigiano or water.

• *Ingredients for 4 people
• -8 ounces of non salted butter
• -17 ounces of parmigiano cheese
• -10 ounces of water
• -fettucine

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