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Mother sauce - Tomato sauce

In a pot start with Extra Virgin olive oil covering the bottom and a clove of garlic. Once hot, add the chopped tomatoes and immediately stir them so that you extract the water from them. In this way they can simmer in their own water for the necessary cooking time- approximately 2hrs. or until 'melted'. Also leave the garlic simmering in the sauce. Once the tomatoes are completely broken down into a sauce or 'melted', filter the sauce with a strainer (Chinoise) so that you will separate the seeds and skin, then throw them away. In another pan add two tablespoons of Extra Virgin olive oil, once heated, add the cherry tomatoes cut into halves or quarters, and don't move them until caramelized. In this way you seal the tomatoes and they won't lose the water and will maintain their shape. Once ready put them aside in a bowl. If you like, cook an 'Onion Sweat' by cutting very thin slices of onion, put in a pot and cover in Extra V. olive oil and butter for 3 hrs with a lid. Stir frequently without burning the onion- it should be on a gentle flame. Once the onion is ready and the sauce is strained, you add the onion to the sauce and reduce it until thick. Finally, add the cherry tomatoes. Now you have different textures in your sauce, and the onion cooked in this way will give a special sweetness to the 'Mother Sauce'. 

• Ingredients
• -Consider 30 ounces for 4 people of mixed tomatoes 
• -Casalino tomatoes
• -Datterino tomatoes
• -Garlic
• -Onion
• -Extra Virgin olive oil

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