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Pasta with Broccoli and Sausages

Remove the skin from the sausages and then mince them with a fork in a bowl with a glass of red wine. Add some rosemary and leave the sausage to marinate for an hour. Now strain the sausage from all the liquid. In a pan, add two tablespoons of Extra Virgin olive oil and some hot chilli, heat and then add the minced sausages. Stir and try to mince the meat again with a wooden spoon while cooking, (otherwise you'll risk creating a hamburger instead of minced meat!) Keep cooking until almost crispy, and then put aside for later. Chop the broccoli into pieces, than blanche them in a pot with boiling water and generous salt. Blanche for 20 seconds, then cool the broccoli down in an ice bath- so that you stop the cooking process. Heat some oil in a pan with some garlic, being careful to not burn it. Once hot, add the broccoli and cook it by adding some water little by little, adjust with salt. Cook until the broccoli are very soft and all the water you added has been reduced. Blend them until creamy. Now you have the creamy part from the broccoli and the crispy from the sausage. Cook the pasta you like in salted boiling water until “ al dente “. (Do you remember what 'al dente' means ? PERFECTLY COOKED !) Once the pasta is almost ready, take it out of the water and finish to cook it in the pan with the creamy broccoli. Remember to always to keep some of the boiling pasta water, you can use it to adjust the consistency of the sauces. Finally, add the sausages, then turn the burners off and sprinkle with pecorino cheese.

• Ingredients for 4 people:
• -Pasta -14 ounces
• -Broccoli - 10,50 ounces
• -Sausages -10,50 ounces
• -Garlic
• -Thyme or rosemary
• -Pepper or chilli -0,08 ounces
• -Salt -0,08 ounces
• -Extra Virgin olive oil -1 ounce

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